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The result is Ridercraft....

Ridercraft was created out of frustration  and a need to change the way people train! After working for so many others and finding my own alternate more effective ways to teach.  In 2010 I started ridercraft L test training. 

Ridercraft has one of the Largest areas of all the training schools in the North East, easily large enough to set up and practice the Module 1 test on site (The main yard dwarfs the DSA module 1 area).

This is a place to not only to learn to ride but discover new friends, take advantage of Ridercraft partnerships within the industry to get cheap kit and develop your skills far beyond what you thought possible.

I started riding at the age of about seven, my father was a joiner and made windows for a customer, a little motorcycle was taken in part payment.

This was my Christmas present that year!

My parents liked showing the big white dog we had, so my Dad ran an estate car that luckily fitted my little bike in as well.  Dog walks on the beach then became much more interesting, the beach that we lived near had flat sections of hard sand and big loose sand dunes.

These early years of riding, I think, taxed my balance sensors enough to push forward my development in riding sooner than most.

My Dad was never a bike rider, the only real go he had on my little bike resulted in flipping it, running behind with the bike vertical, falling and somehow burring the foot peg into his shin, being eight this was hilarious for me, and eventually my Dad who wasn’t badly hurt.

When I was 18yrs old I was involved in a server RTA, a car hurriedly turned across my path and stopped.  I hit the car, got thrown some distance down the road and lost around two years of my life to recover from my injuries.


When I was 21 I started work as a CBT instructor for a local motorcycle training centre, teaching was something I found really easy and enjoyed.  I worked alongside a fireman who was into advanced riding, he introduced me to advanced concepts that planted a seed and he also guided me through my instructor exams, so thanks Deano!

My own curiosity of machine control led me to spend about three years on a track studying cornering mechanics, this opened the same curiosity about low speed riding stability/mechanics.

What you should know


Surfing, Reading, Fitness training, Kickboxing, Bike racing meets, Peddle bike trials.


C&G 7306- Teaching Certificate

RSA Teaching Certificate

CBT & DA DSA Approved Instructor

IAM Advanced Certificate

ROSPA Advanced Test- Gold

ROSPA National Dip of Advanced Riding Instruction.


I was the lead instructor in the road safety riding initiative that won a Prince Micheal of Kent

Road Safety Award.

Currently I am part of the National Motorcycle Advisory Board.

I also occupy the role of the resident test rider for the Real Rider brand.

My weapon of choice is Kawasakis’ ZX10R, it is the first of this model (2004) and i believe is still one of the best machines available. the engine is phenomenal and the chassis is so precise, it makes performance riding so easy and gives me a big grin which is it’s main job!!!

Using a variety of bikes over many years, and working with a long list of specialists in their field I have gained a broad view of all aspects of riding and instruction.

As I progressed through my advanced training I found I could already ride fast compared to most, but realised without the forward planning this speed was useless in the real world (like driving fast in the dark with no main beam) this speed would tie me up in knots unless I learned how to recognise clues and plan, where to use my skills and how to balance the forces on road at speed.

Over the years in the industry I have been lucky enough to be trained by some of the best police riders/instructors from the Met. on courses and have gained the highest civilian riding and instructional qualifications available.

Over the last 10 years, because of my skill-set, I have been commissioned by numerous national road safety partnerships to ride in instructional Dvds or help implement designs to open communication with sports bike riders and groups that are alien to governing bodies.

my bike

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Any school can have new bikes, land is hard to find but not impossible, but I believe its the level of teaching that sets my school apart from the mainstream.