Your motorcycle test


Your full motorcycle test is split into two modules whichever machine category is being taken-

Module 1 is a yard based control test made up of 11 exercises designed to test your level of control and reactions at speed on a motorcycle (Along with basic observation).

Module 2 is the road ride lasting about 40 minutes through various road and traffic conditions.

Module 1 consists of a series of manoeuvres showing the examiner you have good control of your bike. There are 5 slower speed exercises and 6 higher speed exercises.

These exercises mirror some of the moves you may get in real life, on your module 2 during town or rural riding.


Ex 1-    Pushing the bike out of the garage on a morning without dropping it.

Ex 3-    Turning right at a mini roundabout.

Ex 4-    Riding slowly in traffic queues.

Ex 5-    The u turn is a stop right turn minor road to major road just extended.

The higher speed manoeuvres test your ability to control a bike at more speed. again to replicate road possibilities.


if a pedestrian steps off the curb when you are exiting a roundabout your stability is already reduced by cornering so a braking reaction will result in loss of control, instead a swerve manoeuvre is needed.

These skills take time to develop and show you have a higher level of control being more naturally able to deal with the requirements of road riding. This allows the examiner to trust you are not going to lose control of your machine when out riding on Module 2.

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