Speed is a consequence of getting things right............

vanishing point

look through the bend


The correct line, entry speed, the feel of getting it just right is all at the end of your fingertips.....

...or in this case my radio till you get the hang of it......

The bikes we ride are engineered to cope with amazing levels of speed, cornering ability and braking potential (our bikes had millions spent on research and development by the manufacturer to make it very good at what it does before we got it).

The one factor that stops the bike working to its full potential is the rider...... 

Tension in the arms, weight in the wrong place, looking the wrong direction, steering problems, braking too late, oversteer, understeer etc., are all rider inputs that can be adjusted through correctly practiced techniques.  These turn your riding into easy liquid smooth progress dealing with problems before they arise through a higher level of forward planning and understanding that allows you to overtake earlier, change line mid corner and relax allowing the bike to respond more to subtle inputs making you a much more efficient, less stressed rider.

Roadcraft (Thought of as the advanced riders bible) is really good at telling you what to do, but sadly lacking in the when and how to practice to get better at it. This is where I come in on the radio explaining, then demonstrating and helping you practice techniques giving you better control, understanding and justification why to use or avoid a specific technique.

Your course is designed to raise the bar for what you thought you could do by giving you simple techniques to practice to get a lot better a lot quicker. 

After years of teaching advanced then working as presenter and lead instructor on Stocktons ‘handle it or lose it project’ (and lots more; see Behind the scenes page and Gallery) I have developed training techniques that will improve your riding from the first ride.

We will look into advanced machine control, more effective forward planning through use of observation links, why people make mistakes and how to avoid the same ones by recognising the signs that lead up to mistakes.

Riding areas used for practice can range from City Centres to The Lakes District or more locally depending on what your aims require or you give as your objectives.

If it is just a smoother gear change you want to impress someone with on the next pillion ride, or you want to sculpt your riding into cornering geek level accuracy like mine, its all here.

Maybe a filtering ride to work though the traffic could make life easier and safer.

Right speed, right gear, right planning.....

These sessions are tailor made by looking at your objectives then I do what is my speciality help you achieve them.