Road Safety Projects:

-Great Roads & Great Rides
-Great Roads & Great Rides 2
-Devon’s Max Rider Shoot

Great Roads 1 & 2 Filming

Great Roads, Great Rides is a set of road safety DVDs that i was heavily involved with. I designed and wrote the first DVD then was the sole rider in the second DVD after public feedback asked for more forward planning if we did a number 2. (This use

Max Rider was an initiative produced for Devon, aimed at sports bike riders that used one of europe’s most dangerous routes.  The riding clips shows commentary rides giving tips on positioning, gears, forward planning and much more. 
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devons’ max rider project shoot

leeds survival guide project

national constabulary partnership projects

As part of a road safety campaign that stretched across many constabulary borders, short clips of me riding were produced covering aspects of reading the road on the constabularies chosen routes after their stats had been analysed.

other pictures taken having fun on bikes at various times on track or closed roads.

Safe in tees valley partnership, on two wheels youth project

The SITV Project was a motorcycle safety course designed to ‘dangle a carrot’ rather than reprimand excluded youths. teaching machine maintenance, machine control and motorcycle road legality & safety information.

The reward for staying on the correct side of the law until completion of the six week course was a full session of instruction on track with myself.